Mixes & Podcasts


Below is a collection of Podcasts recorded by Tom Ellis, of mostly his own original productions. Tracklists can sometimes be found by following the links, but are often not included due to the fact that most of the tracks haven’t been released, or don’t yet have titles.

“Tom Ellis live @ Club Der Visionaere, Berlin, September 2023”

“Deep Space Sugar Zone w/ Tom Ellis – Bloop London Radio – March 2023”

“Live @ Freerotation, 2022”

“Tom Ellis – Alone Together LP mix”

“Live @ Contact, Tokyo, 2019”

“Sol Asylum Podcast”

“Puzzle Project Podcast”

“Cabin Fever Podcast”

“Another Earth, Live @ studio_r, Berlin”

“Live In Guatemala 2013”

“Wicked Discourse Podcast”

“Commacast Podcast”

“Butter Side Up Podcast”

“Black Key Podcast”

“Microwaves Podcast”

“Input Selector Podcast”

“Live @ Tante Emma, Innsbruck, 2012”

“22Digit Podcast”

“Oxford Rehearsal” Podcast

“Cabin Fever” Podcast

“Live @ Freerotation 2016”