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Tom Ellis @ Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

  • Artist Name: Tom Ellis (aka Ekkis, The Soulstatejazz band, Soulstatedub, Thomas J. Ellis)
  • Location: Wales, UK
  • Labels & Affiliations: Trimsound, Mindtours, In Modo Di, Minordust, Freerotation
  • Also Appears On: Logistic Records, Telegraph Records, Minibar Music, Archipel Musique, Dokutoku Records, Banoffee Pies Recordings, Nite Grooves, Classic Records, Philpot Records, Hartchef Records, Morris/Audio Citysport, Floppy Funk, Moon Harbour + more.


A core member and resident of the Freerotation Festival, Tom Ellis has been releasing funk & jazz inspired house & techno since 2003.

Born in the small town of Dolgellau, North Wales in the early 80s, he began learning guitar around the age of 13. With a Dad involved in the Free Party scene, and an older brother who was already DJing at the local parties, he was inspired to move from playing in rock bands towards making more electronic music with his close friend, Leif.

One of Tom’s Dad’s birthday parties led to connections being made with Steevio & Suzybee, the couple behind Mindtours record label and the Freerotation Festival. They helped Tom and Leif set up their first record label, Trimsound, off the back of their debut release on Mindtours 06. The small and intimate parties Steevio & Suzybee used to host eventually transformed into the Freerotation Festival, around a core crew of producers, DJ’s, and record label owners whose music resonated with each other.

At the same time, Tom went on to make appearances on Logistic Records, Archipel, Morris Audio, Good Ratio Music, Classic Music, Philpot, Moon Harbour, Leap, Telegraph, Black Key Records, Eye4Eye, Floppy Funk, , Flumo, Supremus Records, Hartchef Discos, Minibar, Highgrade, Klamauk, Som Bom and many more. His discography continues to grow.

He toured live shows with Leif through the late 2000’s, where they would include bass guitar in their live sets, with shows in Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, London & all across Europe.

2016 saw the launch of his new solo label, In Modo Di, with the first record landing high in the bestseller charts, and the launch of his new monthly radio show on KMAH radio, The Taunton Loft Sessions.

More recently, Tom has moved on to full hardware based live sets, with performances at clubs such as Concrete (Paris) and Contact (Tokyo). As he continues to perform live, and play DJ sets of his own productions around the world, he’s reignited a love for playing with other musicians with his new live project, Soulstatejazz, which features fellow Freerotation resident Mark Hand on Keys, alongside live Tenor Saxophone by Michiel Renger and others.