In Modo Di

Record label founded in 2016 by Tom Ellis.
Distributed by Juno.

Modo #01

Juno Review: Freerotation resident Tom Ellis has decided to launch a label, In Modo Di (“in the style of”, in classical music terms), packing this first release with four of his own productions. While opener “Josuka” is seeped in gentle positivity and hazy warmth – a by-product of a toasty bassline, dreamy keys and swirling atmospherics – for the most part the EP is an ultra-deep and emotion-rich affair. “Berlin In Winter” is particularly spellbinding, with melancholic melody lines wrapping themselves around soft-touch grooves and icy atmospherics, though IDM and ambient-inspired closer “Mabble” – think a slightly cheerier take on the Biosphere sound – is almost as awe-inspiring

  • A1 “Jouska” (6:43)
  • A2 “Berlin In Winter” (6:38)
  • B1 “Tarantism” (8:08)
  • B2 “Mabble” (5:26)